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Our Alumni

kenia headshot

“I am very thankful to all my teachers that shared all of their experience and knowledge with me. I am grateful for what I accomplished with their help. I wish them health so that can keep doing what they do best (teaching).”
- Kenia Cerda, Graduated in 2006

maryann headshot

“There are many reasons I signed up for The BSM's cosmetology program. I was impressed with the family energy I experienced on my visit. I enjoyed the well-rounded instruction. The variety of teachers complemented each other and kept it interesting. Almost every scenario possible was experienced in the clinic practical work, which prepared me professionally for the Beauty industry. Thank you, BSM, for giving me a fun trade I can take with me on my journey through life.”
- Maryann Marano, Graduated in 2015

yemi headshot

“The Beauty School of Middletown is a really nice experience! You work with real people. The teachers have a lot of patience and help you with everything!”
- Yemileth Rojas, Graduated in 2015

diana girdharry headshot

"The support and help I received from the Administration and Teachers were incredible. I am very proud to be a part of The BSM family!"
- Diana Girdharry, Graduated in 2012

anne coppola headshot

"Not only did I receive an amazing education at The Beauty School of Middletown, but I became a part of a community of students, alumni, and staff who, to this day, many years later, I can turn to for information, support, and advice."
- Anna Coppola, Graduated in 2000

wendy dibble headshot

"The Beauty School of Middletown was a great opportunity for me to move forward with my life. I enjoyed every part of attending your program! Everybody - instructors, office staff, as well as students, are a great bunch of people. Thanks for everything!"
- Wendy Dibble, Nail Graduate 2013, Owner of Blooming Nails Full-Service Salon in Port Jervis

Tori Bloom Headshot

“Going to this school was a once in a lifetime experience. The environment and staff are amazing. You really make a second family at this place.”
- Tori Bloom, Graduated in 2015

Jill Headshot

“Thank you, Beauty School of Middletown for offering me an opportunity to change my career as an adult student. I worked in a family business and needed a change. I love doing hair and started my job one month after graduating BSM and have been there a year. Loving every second. The BSM has great teachers and a very busy clinic, which prepared me for salon life."
- Jill Ashworth, Graduated in 2012

Toni Hayes Headshot

“I reflect back to 1974, when I graduated from The BSM. Training in my hometown meant a lot to me. I felt comfortable my first day. With respect to Mr. Johnson, owner, and director, I acquired valuable skills to establish the foundation I needed to succeed. The dedicated and devoted instructors well prepared me for State Licensing. Years later, Rosemary and I created “Great Lines”. She and our staff are also graduates of The BSM. My passion for the industry just keeps growing.”
- Toni Hayes, Graduated in 1974

dominic headshot

"I am very happy and enjoyed cosmetology at The BSM. The teachers were very devoted to the students. They always answered any questions when I didn't understand. The school helped me become aware of skills I hadn't known before. This has helped me build my confidence and I feel assured I am very good at my trade."
- Dominic Dang Nguyen, Graduated in 2013

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