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Clinic Services

Welcome to the Beauty School of Middletown Clinic Services

All services are performed by Senior Students under the supervision of Licensed Instructors.

Clinic Hours

Daytime Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:15 AM To 3:00 PM

Evening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Saturday 9:15 AM to 3:00 PM.



For Chemical Services (Color, Perms, Relaxers, etc.) you must be seated with a student by 1:00 PM. During evening hours, you must be seated with a student by 6:30 PM.


Clinic Pricing

Shampoo Plus...

Shampoo Only $2.00
Whitening Shampoo $1.00 extra 
Shampoo/Under Dryer $3.00
Shampoo & Blow Dry or Set $4.00
Shampoo, Set & Blow Dry $8.00
Add Full Thermal Style
(curling or flat iron) to any shampoo plus service
$5.00 & up
Shampoo & Set with Perm Rolls $10.00 & up
French Braid $5.00 & up


Hair Cuts

We refuse to cut unwashed hair.
Shampoo & Cut $5.00
Shampoo/Cut/Blow Dry** or Set $6.00
Beard or Mustache Trim $2.00
Bangs or Nape Trim $2.00


Conditioning Products

Cholesterol Treatment - Price includes Styling $10.00*
Hot Oil Scalp Treatment - Price includes Styling $12.00*
Cholesterol or Hot Oil on Long Hair (Product Charge) $2.00
Dandruff Treatment $2.00
Whitening Conditioner $1.00 extra
Cream Rinse $1.00 extra
Sea Breeze $1.00 extra
Argan Oil (hair to shoulder) $1.00 extra
Argan Oil (hair beyond shoulder) $2.00 extra


Additional Hair Services

The following services are only performed based on student availability and hair condition.
Fingerwaves $5.00 & up
Simple Wrap $5.00
Wrap (Doobie) $10.00
Cornrows (depends on size of braids) Full Head $30.00 & up
Cornrows (depends on size of braids) Half Head $20.00 & up
Pineapple/Crunch Curls $15.00
Twisties - Full Head $25.00 & up
Twisties - Half Head $15.00 & up
Up Do (Half Up/Half Down) $15.00 & up
Up Do (All Up)/French Twist $20.00 & up


Wig Services

Cleaning $2.00
Setting/Styling $5.00
Cut Only $5.00
Cleaning, Cut and Set $10.00

Hair Color

Price includes Styling, except with temporary rinse.
Temporary Rinse $1.00
Semi-Permanent Color $20.00 & up
Permanent Tint $20.00 & up
Frosting (cap)-Short Hair (above shoulder) $20.00
Frosting (cap)-Long Hair (shoulder & longer) $30.00
Ombres $50.00 & up
Foils $2.00 per foil
Foils: Face Frame (up to 12 Foils) $20.00 & up
Foils: Short Hair - 1/2 Head (to shoulder) $30.00
Foils: Short Hair - Full Head (to shoulder) $40.00
Foils: Mid-Length to Long - 1/2 Head (beyond shoulder) $40.00 & up
Foils: Mid-Length to Long - Full Head (beyond shoulder) $50.00 & up
Double Process: Virgin $30.00 & up
Double Process: Retouch $25.00 & up
Extra Color - per ounce $4.00
Add haircut to any service (except Temporary Rinse) $4.00
Corrective Color (upon Consultation) Starting at $30.00
We use Scream Vibrant Fashion Colors - blue, pink, orange, etc.
Glazing $15.00 & up



$25.00  $35.00  Prices include cut and style.

Spriral & Piggyback Techniques: $30.00 thru $50.00



Prices include styling. Additional charge for longer/thicker hair.
Chemical Hair Relaxer - Virgin Application $35.00 & up
Chemical Hair Relaxer - Retouch $30.00 & up
Gheri Curls $40.00 & up
Chi Keratin Smoothing System - New Product!   
                    Short Hair $75.00 & up
                    Mid-Length $80.00 & up
                    Long Hair $85.00 & up
Add Haircut to any Relaxer $4.00 & up
STR8 $75.00 & up




Long hair is extra for all services

Additional charge for the use of any product on all chemical services.




Basic Manicure (w/ standard polish) $6.00
Lectol Manicure (w/ standard polish) $7.00
French Manicure $2.00 extra
Men's Manicure (w/ oil and buffed shine) $6.00
Spa Manicure $10.00
Polish Change $2.00
Gel Manicure $15.00
Gel Manicure - French $17.00



Pedicure $12.00
Spa Pedicure $17.00
Callus Eliminator Treatment (added to any pedicure) $4.00
Gel Pedicure $20.00
Gel Pediucure - French $22.00
Polish Change not available without Pedicure



Hair Removal

Waxing - Full Face $12.00
Waxing - Chin, Lip, Eyebrow or Sideburns $5.00
Tweezing $4.00
Lash or Brow Tint $10.00


Please DO NOT ask students to perform services which you have not paid. If you would like to have additional services performed, please ask at the desk.

• All services must be paid in advance
• Clients will be charged an application fee for any products they supply themselves
• Clients are not permitted in the clinic area unless they are having a service done
• Children must be over 2 to receive service
• All clients must be able to sit by themselves without supervision to receive service
• Children are not allowed to remain in the reception area unless supervised by an adult

PLEASE NOTE: Additional services may be available. Prices quoted upon consultation.

WARNING: You are REQUIRED to sign a release of liability. PLEASE READ before you sign.