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In order to achieve your dreams in the world of health and beauty, you need the right education. That education starts at The Beauty School of Middletown (BSM)!

Right away, when you enroll at The BSM, we give you the right access to resources, information, and aid to turn your vision of a lucrative career in the industry into reality. As one of the best beauty schools in the North, we offer everything you need for the best opportunities in the world of beauty, including:

  • Gainful Employment: When you think about enrolling at The BSM, you want to know that all of your hard work will lead to skills and a career. With our “Gainful Employment” information, you’ll get to know essential information such as tuition, book, and supply costs, financing resources, success rates, completion times, job placement rates, and so much more about every program we offer. From there, you can choose the courses that are right for you and start down the road to success!
  • Net Price Calculator: The Net Price Calculator asks potential students a series of essential questions about their personal standings and life situations. This is in order to determine an estimated cost of attendance. It takes factors such as books & supplies, fees, meals, and grant and scholarship aid into account before giving you a total tuition cost you can work with.
  • Financial AidWith the costs of any higher education program going up every year, financial aid is almost a must for a majority of our students. The Beauty School of Middletown and our dedicated Financial Aid Advisors can work with your unique needs and budget and help you to prepare to pay for our programs through helpful grants, loans, and more.

Important Licensing Numbers & Information

For all questions concerning licensing in NY State, please visit www.dos.ny.gov or call 518-474-4429. For information on licensing in other states, please visit www.beautyschools.com. For more information concerning any of these topics or others, contact The BSM at 845-343-2171.